Meet the frontrunners!

Venez voir tous nos héros P.E.T. FREE ainsi que leurs serments personnels ! Nous sommes très fiers de la vitesse à laquelle notre mouvement se répand, et de voir le nombre d’entreprises qui incitent les autres à nous rejoindre ! En ce moment, nous avons des partenaires dans plus de 7 pays et tous les jours, de nouveaux participants se joignent à nous. *Les mains en l’air* pour un mode de travail P.E.T. FREE !



We are the first P.E.T. FREE partner of France and very proud of that!



3sixtyfive is the first agency working with influentials, by signing the P.E.T. FREE Pledge they became influencers themselves.

ABN Hypotheken Groep B.V.


We have some incredible news: ABN AMRO Hypotheken in Amersfoort is 100% P.E.T. FREE! Including the canteen! An amazing achievement for ABN – and hopefully other offices will follow soon.

Actan adviseurs & accountants


Since March 2018 we are an official P.E.T. FREE work place!

Ad Appel Taaltrainingen


Tap water in the Netherlands is tasty! That is why we have been chosing to join the P.E.T. FREE movement and ban P.E.T. bottles from our work place!

Alma Natura Social S.L.

Arroyomolinos de León

Taking over Spain! Alma Natura Social S.L. is P.E.T. FREE, being a real frontrunner in Southern Europe!



Why use one-single plastic and drink water from P.E.T. bottles if we have the cleanest water in the world coming from our tap? We want to make all our employees aware of using single-use plastic and banish all of it. We start with our commitment to P.E.T. FREE because It’s important to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and reduce our plastic footprint.

Asher Jay The Wild Creative

New York

Art has an unique power to transcend differences and connect with people on a visceral level – and compel action!

Azur PR


The dog is Millie and she’s P.E.T.FREE, so are we!

Bain & Company Netherlands


The consultants at Bain & Company are results-driven and they have one specific result to be very proud of: they’re P.E.T. FREE certified.


Bamboefietsen reinvented the wheel, or in fact the frame, with their Bamboo bikes. And they’re now quite a big wheel on our P.E.T. FREE list.

Better Places


Travel agency Better Places realises that a better world starts at home, that’s why they made their office P.E.T. FREE.



Bever is the go-to outdoor store in the Netherlands. Luckily they understand all too well that a ‘clean’ outside needs to be inspired from the inside. That’s why the company has a clear conscience by clearing its work space from PET water bottles.



Healthcare is also becoming P.E.T FREE! The entire team has joined the movement, so proud!

BKK/Door Vriendschap Sterker


In June 2017 we joined the movement and were one of the first P.E.T. FREE members! We are still very proud that we have banned the P.E.T. bottles from our work space!

blooming hotel en conferentielandgoed


blooming decided to never again use single use plastic bottles in our hotel and sign the P.E.T. FREE pledge. We first had our entire team become ambassadors. Also, our efforts has been received so well that we wish we started earlier. But then again, it is never too late to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Blyde Benelux


Blyde Benelux is a PR agency focussing on organisations that want to make a difference. They did make a difference too, by going P.E.T. free!



Why drink water from P.E.T. bottles if we have the cleanest water in the world coming from our tap! We want to make all our employees aware of this by introducing a P.E.T. FREE office. And with this stopping plastic waste before it ends up in our oceans.



This developer’s agency does not only built websites but also a better world by joining our P.E.T. FREE movement!

BS Toys


We at BS Toys are very proud to be part of the P.E.T. FREE movement!

Burro Blanco


Burro Blanco tries to create an awareness for a cleaner and happier environment. For everybody. Getting rid of plastics in daily lives in one of the main goals.



Proud members of P.E.T. FREE!

CADO - Freude am Schenken


I am very proud to be the first P.E.T. FREE work space in Switzerland! With selling Dopper bottles I want to inspire my customers and environment to use less single-use plastic!

Camping Buitenland


Camping BuitenLand already was sustainable in many ways, and now they’ve also joined the P.E.T. FREE movement!

CEIP San Isidro Labrador


CEIP San Isidro Labrador is the local public school of El Chaparral in Spain. As a school we are concerned about the environment. Our children are aware of this. Say goodbye to single use bottles in school is one of the steps we take to set an example.



ChipSoft provides IT solutions for the healthcare sector, by becoming P.E.T. FREE they’re offering a very healthy solution for the workers in their own sector.



It’s all in the name: the CIRCL building is entirely designed according to sustainable and circular principles. And now they’ve officially joined the P.E.T FREE movement too!

Coco Der Kinderladen


We are officially the first P.E.T. FREE company in Germany and very proud of that!



Comaen, located in Haarlem, is now part of the P.E.T. FREE movement!



Time for celebration – Coniche is now part of the P.E.T. FREE movement! With the entire team they’ve banned single-use water bottles from the office.



This online marketing agency tries to make people fall in love with brands. But they just had a very nasty break-up with PET water bottles.

De Groene Lobby


De Groene Lobby promotes sustainability by connecting people with green ideas. Signing the pledge makes the office officially P.E.T. FREE!

De Issuemakers


Becoming P.E.T. FREE wasn’t much of an issue for the Issuemakers, they consider drinking tap water as self-evident.

de Vloedlijn


De Vloedlijn joined the P.E.T. FREE movement to support the environment by banning P.E.T. bottles from the work space!

De Zuidwester


This is the first P.E.T. FREE class in the Netherlands! On behalf of the entire class, these teachers signed the pledge to say no to single-use water bottles. Hooray!

Design Thinking Center


At this innovation lab, everything revolves around renewal, change and flexibility. Their participation in our P.E.T. FREE movement is therefore the only self-evident thing you can pin the Design Thinking Center on.

Designathon Works


We are very happy to be part of the movement and ban the P.E.T. bottle from our work space!



Dopper is striving for a world where people are aware of the environment, where we actively reducing single-use plastic and where everyone, close to home or far away, has access to save drinkwater.



Single use water bottles are so ’90s… At Ecomondo they like clean seas and healthy people! That is why we subscribed for the P.E.T.FREE movement!

Ecover Belgium B.V.


Ecover Belgium is part of the P.E.T. FREE movement! This sustainable business is saving the world step by step. By 2020, no virgin plastics will be used at all in their products!



elho loves green. And not just the kind of green that finds its home in our pots. We love green in every sense of the world, and do everything we can to make the world a greener place! That’s why we joined the P.E.T. FREE movement!

Fair Fabrics


Fair Fabrics brings quality fabrics straight to your home, but they just kicked P.E.T. water bottles out of their companies house.

Food Huggers


Reducing single-use plastic consumption, together with food waste, is at the heart of Food Huggers®. Officially joining the P.E.T. FREE movement was a no-brainer for our team – we know that seemingly small, daily actions quickly add up!



Very proud to announce the first P.E.T. FREE company in the Czech Republic! Freshlabels implemented P.E.T. FREE in all offices, stores, and the warehouse. Saving the planet step by step!

Golden Blumen und Wohnen


Golden Blumen und Wohnen has joined the P.E.T. FREE movement! Mother & daughter on the picture, and the first in Berlin to join.



Greengiving already was a sustainable business, and is now also P.E.T. FREE! Happy to have them on board!



In 2017 we have decided to ban all our P.E.T. bottles from our work space! We are very proud that we made this important step!

HackHPI 2018 at Hasso Plattner Institute


P.E.T. bottles are so 2010 – tap water is the future, we think. That’s why we signed the Dopper P.E.T.FREE pledge meaning that the HackHPI 2018 event will be P.E.T. bottle free.



Woohoo! Hebbeding has joined the movement and is now banning P.E.T. water bottles!



This e-mail marketing agency spreads virtual messages around the globe. By signing the P.E.T. Free Pledge they’re now sending a very strong one: no more PET water bottles!



Do you drink water from a plastic bottle? Dopper, creater of sustainable reusable water bottle, is fighting for P.E.T. FREE work spaces by banning single-use P.E.T. bottles. And we are supporting this mission and are part of it!

Het Patronaat


Het Patronaat hosts the very first green party scene in the Netherlands by becoming P.E.T. FREE and that’s music to one’s ears!

Het PR Bureau


Het PR Bureau wants to make an impact with shareable stories, but they’ve also made a huge impact by closing the book on P.E.T. water bottles.

Holland Water


Holland Water creates safe water for a P.E.T. free world!

Hoofdfabriek - focus on magento


No more P.E.T. bottles for us! Our Haarlem and Kiev office are P.E.T. free and we are spreading the word. If you are serious about your future you must be serious about our world. Wherever we can we contribute in a safer and more sustainable future.

Impact Hub Amsterdam


We make impact by banning P.E.T. bottles from our work space!

Injection Point


Plastic is a beautiful material with a lot of oppurtunities to improve sustainability on many different levels. It’s the human species and failure of our waste management system that cause the pollution. As a plastic producer we should take on our responsibility. Signing the PET FREE pledge is a small step in the right direction.

IXIXI wat jij niet ziet


We are the first P.E.T. FREE members in Heerhugowarden en very proud on that! Cheers on a P.E.T. FREE world!

Jisk Zakelijk Interieur


JP Gray


How do you keep your office healthy? At JP Gray they have implemented a new exercise-at-work program: to the tap and back, multiple times a day! Single-use cups are banned and the entire team is drinking tap water. We’re very happy this enthusiastic company joined the P.E.T. FREE movement!


Den Haag

Kans offers a chance to people on a dole, but theres absolutely no chance that they will be using P.E.T. water bottles ever again.

Karlijn De Vries


I am very proud to be part of the P.E.T. FREE movement!

Kirkman Company


Kirkman actively supports the P.E.T. FREE movement! We’re glad they’re part of P.E.T. FREE, transforming the world step by step.

't Klokhuis school (NYC)

New Jersey

‘T Klokhuis School in New Jersey, who has signed the pledge the 29.04.2018 is the first official P.E.T. FREE school in the USA! Yey!

KlusHeeren b.v.


Since May 2018 we are proud members of the P.E.T. FREE movement!

Lead Today


This marketing agency is ready for the future. That’s why they abandoned single-use water bottles to the past.

Loyalty Rockstars


Loyalty Rockstars helps companies to built a long-lasting relationship with their customers, to set the example they recently stopped having one-night stands with P.E.T. water bottles themselves.

Marco Tieleman


I am very happy to be the first P.E.T. FREE partner in Rotterdam!



We really don’t need single-use water bottles anymore, and Dopper is a sustainable alternative! With both students and teachers we are reducing plastic pollution.



MEO was already contributing to a better world in many different ways, and now they realized they can easily survive without P.E.T. waterbottles too. And their office dog agrees.

MKB Brandstof


With a full tank, MKB Brandstof helps entrepreneurs on their way to a sustainable future and they’re now pouring fuel on the fire of our P.E.T. FREE project.

Mondial Logistics bv


Happy and pround P.E.T. FREE members!

Mondial Logistics bv


We are happy and proud to be part of the P.E.T. FREE network and inspire other companies to become a P.E.T. bottle free work space!



The first P.E.T. FREE company in Italy is a fact! We are very happy this super enthusiastic team has joined our movement.

Mountain Store


Yes! The Mountain Store is now officially part of the P.E.T. FREE movement – taking over Germany!



NNPC follows a new course; from now on this inland shipping company says ‘Ahoy’ to tap water.



Nudge connects social entrepreneurs, organisations and individuals with social initiatives, but they’ve just disconnected with P.E.T. bottles.

OBS de Springbok

Den Haag

We have to be environmentally responsible and build a cleaner world!

Off the Fenc


No P.E.T. bottles at the work place anymore?! Such a simple act for such a big impact! We are definitely part of this P.E.T. FREE movement!

Omnyacc Synergie Accountants


We are the first P.E.T. FREE company in Friesland and very proud of that! Our 8 offices have become from

One Touch


We are very proud to announce, that we have become a P.E.T. FREE office! Yey!

Oxfam Belgium


Since May 2018 we are proud members of the P.E.T. FREE movement!

P.S. 15 Patrick F. Daly School


We are the first official P.E.T. FREE school in Brooklyn! Hopefully, we can inspire other schools to sign the P.E.T. FREE pledge!



This digital agency goes left where everyone else goes right, joining our P.E.T. FREE movement however, surely was the right thing to do.


As a Frysian company we love water, for sailing, for skating, swimming and of course drinking. So we care about the water, and care about a PETFree world.That’s why we supply our international dance productions a dopper. Dancers drink a lot an stage so this needs to bee PET FREE.

Project AWARE


Project AWARE is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. For the purpose of marine conservation we have joined the P.E.T. FREE movement!

Riksja Travel


The folks at Riskja Travel love to wander the world, and from now on they will leave a smaller ecological footprint.

Sea Going Green


Sea Going Green pledged to go P.E.T. FREE to further our commitment to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue! Our mission is to alleviate the negative impact tourism has on marine environments. Tourism can cause harm, but it does not need to!

Searious Business


Searious Business helps companies to close the plastic tap, and run a profitable business without plastic waste. It doesn’t get more P.E.T. FREE than that!



Students for Sustainability Amsterdam (SFSA) is the first student association that has become P.E.T. FREE! With their activities, they’re creating awareness for sustainability, especially among students. Hooray!

Shoot for the Moon


Projects agency Shoot for the Moon has just taken off to a P.E.T. FREE planet.



5% of the net turnover from selling the Dopper bottles goes into the Dopper Foundation who supports among others the NGO SIMAVI who supports and increases the access to clean and safe drinking water in Nepal! We are a proud P.E.T. FREE member!

Social Enterprise NL


Social Enterprises NL connects Dutch enterprises that want to make a social impact rather than a profit. With becoming P.E.T. FREE they make an impact where everyone profits from.

soki Kassel


We are one of the first official P.E.T. FREE stores in Germany! Avoiding P.E.T. bottles is a simple action for us!

Sophista fusies & overnames


We are a proud P.E.T. FREE work place!



This music service isn’t just concerned with sound waves, but also salty waves. If it were up to Spotify, these would all be crystal clear and P.E.T. FREE. Hopefully Spotify is able to inspire other companies to do the same.



We at Springest are happy to announce that since May 2018 we have pledged to not use P.E.T. bottles anymore!

Stayokay Gorssel

Kring van Dorth

We are P.E.T. FREE and it feels great! Just like our head office and our hostel in Maastricht. Thumbs up for Stayokay!

Stayokay Amsterdam


We are a P.E.T. FREE. And it feels great! Our hostels in Maastricht and Gorssel are also redeemed from those plastic bottles. Thumbs up for Stayokay!

Stayokay Maastricht


We are P.E.T. FREE and it feels great! Just like our head office and our hostel in Gorssel. Thumbs up for Stayokay!



As an IT recruitment agency, Sterrk believes that you can learn technique, but cannot learn character. They do show character too, by joining the P.E.T. free movement striving for positive change.

Strack Company


With their incredible selfie, Strack Company joined the P.E.T. FREE movement! As you can see – reason for celebration!

Studio Brussel


The songs they play are out of this world and the PET water bottles are out of their office. That’s music to our ears!

Supply Value


Supply Value is all about the supply chain and they just got rid of the weakest link in their own chain: PET water bottles.

Sustainability Consult


Sustainability Consult offers values-based consultancy. By signing our P.E.T FREE pledge they’ve shown that they highly value the environment.



While SustainableMotion is using the knowledge of the new generation to answer questions of the future, their answer to a better future is yes, since their office is P.E.T. free!



This online marketing agency believes that autism and online marketing get along wonderfully, but they’re not getting along with P.E.T. water bottles in their office anymore.



This supplier of industrial applications goes all the way back to the 1950s, by signing our P.E.T. FREE pledge they proved to be entrepreneurs for the future.

The Plant Corner


Since February 2018 we are a proud P.E.T. FREE workspace!

Theatergroep Droog Water


Droogwater, a theater group made up of Rhodé and Angelie, is preforming the play ‘Wow! The Sea is made out of plastic!’ at different primary schools in the USA. Since April 2018 they have joined the P.E.T. FREE movement!

Tiger Concept BV


The sea inspires us: that is why our team meetings usually take place by the sea. Tiger Concept BV sells promotional products and gifts and during one of these meetings a deliberate choice for P.E.T. free was made, to make a difference in the promotional industry. The sea in all its beauty is worth it!

Trekking König


Trekking König is saving the planet by refusing single-use water bottles! This store in Hamburg is the first to join the movement. Cheers to Mark!

TSH Collab Amsterdam


TSH Collab is officialy a P.E.T. FREE workspace and we are very happy to be part of it!

TSH Collab Amsterdam


TSH Collab is officialy a P.E.T. FREE workspace and we are very happy to be part of it!

TSH Collab Den Haag

Den Haag

TSH Collab is officialy a P.E.T. FREE workspace and we are very happy to be part of it!

TSH Collab Rotterdam


TSH Collab is officialy a P.E.T. FREE workspace and we are very happy to be part of it!

Vandeputte Medical


Vandeputte Medical provides medical aid. However, they do realize that it’s better to prevent than cure environmental damage, that’s why they’ve decided to become P.E.T. FREE.



Veritas joins P.E.T. FREE! Everyone in the office has a Dopper – this way, we no longer use plastics in our workspace. Let’s continue to make a positive change to the world!



Vitaminstore offers all kinds of goodies for a healthy lifestyle and by becoming P.E.T. FREE they’re now setting a vital step towards a healthy environment.

Volans Rowing


Next to free rowing, we have become part of the P.E.T. FREE movement! Clean water for everyone!

Waka Waka


Waka Waka enlightens the world with their solar-powered flashlights. By joining our P.E.T. FREE movement they’re now the guiding light of other entrepreneurs.



Way2web isn’t only concerned about the World Wide Web but also about the real world. That’s why they decided to join our P.E.T. FREE movement.

We Know People


Since Februay 2018 we are an official P.E.T. FREE member! We are proud to be part of it!

Webber Interactief


Webber wants to create a more beautiful online world, by signing our P.E.T. FREE Pledge they also help to make the offline world more beautiful.

Zondag met Lubach - Human Factor


We are proud to announce that we are part of the P.E.T. FREE movement! Yey!

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