Geen single-use plastic op kantoor. Graag! Maar hoe?

Hoeveel kilo single-use plastic wordt er bij jou op het werk gebruikt? Wel 20.000 kilo per jaar als je bij ABN AMRO werkt. Dat moet anders, vindt de bank. Dus met de verbouwing van het kantoor in Amersfoort werd ABN AMRO Hypotheken 100% P.E.T. FREE. Tot het bedrijfsrestaurant aan toe.  

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Injection Point is P.E.T. FREE!

Injection Point is P.E.T. FREE! As they say themselves: “Plastic is a beautiful material with a lot of opportunities to improve sustainability on many different levels. It’s the human species and failure of our waste management system that cause the pollution. As a plastic producer

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Stayokay joined the P.E.T.FREE movement!

Big shoutout for our first P.E.T .FREE hostel chain Stayokay! Madeleine Finson has been eager to create a P.E.T. bottle free work space. The HQ in Amsterdam has set the example, and Stayokay Gorssel and Maastricht have joined in! Hopefully the other 19 Stayokays in

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First P.E.T.FREE event in Germany

Will 22 hours of hacking result in a solution for our planet’s problems? Who knows! The Hasso Plattner Institute close to Berlin believes that technology and software bear the potential to solve some of the biggest problems on earth: pollution, global warming and natural disasters.

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‘Wow! The Sea is made out of plastic!’

Droog Water, a theatre group made up of Rhodé and Angelie, is performing the play ‘Wow! The Sea is made of Plastic!’ at different primary schools in the US. In collaboration with the Dopper Foundation they are raising awareness about the impact of single-use plastic.

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